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Sustainable Foods Congress brings together the most up-to-date and relevant topics within sustainable food systems. Our producers have interviewed key executives and undertaken a thorough review process to bring leading content to Sustainable Foods. We are looking for executive speakers from F&D multinationals, regulators, and government agencies to join the speaker program. If you are interested, please fill in the form below and a conference producer will be in touch.

Session Name Key Topics
General Opening Keynotes
  • One Month on from COP 29: What Next?
  • Global and Local Food Strategies Towards More Resilient food systems
  • Post Brexit: the future for agriculture, food production and manufacturing in the UK
Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture
  • Growing the Future: Harnessing Regenerative Agriculture.
  • Reducing emissions whilst increasing yields: is this possible?
  • Rooted in Sustainability: Advancing Soil Health for a Resilient Future.
Regenerating Nature: Harvesting Harmony in Sustainable Agriculture
  • How to integrate biodiversity and nature into farming strategies.
  • Nature-based solutions for sustainable agriculture and farm-based ecosystems.
  • Measuring and managing biodiversity and BNG on farms.
Scaling Regenerative Agriculture
  • Scaling Regenerative Agriculture globally: priority areas for standardization solutions.
  • On farm data collection and dissemination: best practices.
  • Engaging farmers and overcoming barriers and resistance.
Agriculture's Transition to Net Zero
  • Pathways to net zero in farming and food production.
  • Improving farm productivity and efficiency.
  • Measuring, calculating and offsetting farm emissions.
Reimagining Land Stock to Encourage a Sustainable Food System
  • Landowners, Farmers, or Food Companies: Who should pay to transition the sector?
  • Adjustments in land use, woodland creation and soil restoration.
  • What are the current challenges with agricultural planning laws?
Planting the Future: Strategies for Implementing Plant-Based Food Systems
  • Emerging trends in the plant based industry.
  • Supporting arable farming and the reallocation of land.
  • Nutritional and health benefits of plant-based diets.
Fertile Grounds: Cultivating Agri-Food Soil & Fertliser Solutions in F&D Production
  • Conventional phosphorus fertilisers: can these play any role in sustainable food systems?
  • The role of nature-based fertilisers in sustainable food systems.
  • New farm inputs to improve crop nutrition and boost food production
What Makes a Food & Drink Supply Chain Sustainable?
  • How EU Deforestation Regulation is Affecting Business and Food & Drink Systems.
  • Transparency and Trust: Navigating Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) in food & drink systems.
  • Technologies to underpin supply chain traceability and transparency.
Tackling Scope 3 Emissions: Strategies, Opportunities and the Road Ahead
  • Calculating, reporting and minimising value chain emissions.
  • Aligning net-zero strategies with scope 3 target-setting.
  • How to accurately measure Scope 3 emissions.
Quantifying Impact: Reporting and Disclosure of Emissions within Supply Chains
  • Mandatory Reporting and Disclosure: Aligning Business and Investment into Regulatory Requirements.
  • Carbon insetting strategies and policies.
  • CSRD and SBTi Reporting Solutions.
Blue Economy Strategies for the Future
  • What are the principles of the Blue Economy?
  • How responsible fisheries and aquaculture can feed a rapidly growing global population.
  • Designing responsible sourcing strategies across marine environments.
Milking Tomorrow: The Future of Dairy
  • Innovations to drive Net Zero efficiency in dairy.
  • Climate positive dairy systems: increasing productivity and profitability alongside sustainability.
  • New technologies to scale climate positive dairy solutions.
Cheers to Change: Exploring the Future of Sustainable Drinks
  • Innovative ingredients to create sustainable and nutritious beverages.
  • Water stewardship and sustainable agriculture across the drinks value chain.
  • Responsible consumption and low/zero alcohol beverages.
Net Zero, Nature Positive Ingredients
  • Net zero ingredients to feed a growing population.
  • Ingredients that balance food production with environmental challenges.
  • Product reformulation to accommodate more sustainable ingredients.
Nourishing the Future: What is Sustainable Nutrition and How do we Achieve it?
  • The Challenge of Ultra-Processed Foods: Charting a Path Forward.
  • Sustainable Nutrition: Ingredients for a Healthy Planet and Healthy People.
  • Defining a modern food business, built on nutrition.
Waste Not, Want Not: Tackling Waste Across the Supply Chain
  • Current Challenges in Tackling Waste within Food Systems.
  • Building a Better Food System and Transitioning Towards a Circular Living Economy.
  • How Can Business Adopt Circular Packaging Systems?
How to Finance the Transition Towards Sustainable F&D production?
  • How to finance the transition towards responsible and sustainable food production.
  • Supporting farmers and food businesses to transition towards net zero.
  • Debt and equity solutions to support regenerative food systems.
Investor Appetites in Food and Drink
  • Understanding investor attitudes to the current food system.
  • What's hot in sustainable food and drink?
  • Strategies and tips to raise investment.
Chilling the Climate Crisis: How Frozen Foods can Address Climate Change
  • Raising the temperature on storing frozen produce.
  • Advances in freezing techonology and cold chain optimisation.
  • Raising awareness around the environmental benefits of frozen food products.

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