2024 Webinars

Regenerative Agriculture: Problem or Solution?

Regenerative agricultural practices are heralded as the answer to the future of farming, which is responsible for the majority of emissions within the food suppy chain. Extending its reach and implementation is vital for the sustainability transition. Regenerative agriculture is increasingly being embraced by corporations, but who is responsible for its implementation and finance? Is the term “regenerative” simply the latest corporate buzzword that is being used to mask the reality of continued agricultural expansion? How are farmers expected to manage extreme financial pressures, regulatory constraints, supermarket demands and a myriad of problems?

Unpacking COP 28: Is Food Finally on the Table?

Long neglected, COP 28 finally put food on the discussion table. Food and Drink (F&D) systems from what we eat, how we grow, shop, and cook it, is responsible for approximately a third of global gas emissions. After the ground-breaking global declaration, signed by over 130 countries, what is next for food systems and the sustainable transition required within F&D. Will the UAE Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture work? Will progress be made and what challenges lie ahead?

2023 Webinars

Sustainable nutrition: What does it mean and how do we deliver it?

With a population expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, we will need an equivalent 3 planet earths to feed that amount of people if we do not change our food and drink production practices. How are we going to feed the planet whilst implementing sustainable practices? What is sustainable nutrition, and can we deliver it in a way that is mindful for people, planet, and society?

Closing the Loop: How to Adopt Circular Models Within Urban Cities.

By 2050, 80% of all food eaten will be in urban cities. How can we transition and encourage a regenerative food system, where food production improves rather than destroys our environment? This webinar looks at how cities can adopt circular practices to protect our planet, whilst offering nutritious food sources.

Investing for the future: Where are the investment opportunities within food and drink?

Funding in agriculture has remained high, whilst the drop in valuations in certain sectors has encouraged funding within companies that host a robust novel science. In this webinar we deep dive into the current investment climate in F&D and understand where the opportunities and outlook for the sector are.

Plant Based Alternatives: Are We at the Tipping Point?

The plant-based alternative sector has witnessed a severe downturn over the past few years. The initial boom witnessed during the pandemic has subsided to trepidation as sales decline and the industry consolidates. Has the plant-based alternative sector peaked?

2021 Webinars

Moving from Sustainability to Regenerative Agriculture

How can farming practices remain environmentally friendly and economically sustainable. Is it time to move towards the regeneration of land and agriculture?

The War on Waste

How can we reduce food waste across the food supply chain? How can we tackle food waste in the home, in the community and across urban cities.

Funding the Future of Food

The Covid pandemic has highlighted the broken food supply chain. How can we finance the latest opportunities to feed a growing global population?

Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Fish and Seafood

How can we harness aquaculture and fisheries to deliver a sustainable solution for the fishing industry? Can we match demand for fish and seafood with a depleting resource?

Matching Sustainability with Nutrition?

Are Western diets sustainable? What we eat matters and what we consume is destroying the planet. What should we eat for better health and a better planet?

Food & The SDGs

What Next? Are we meeting the objective within food and the SDGs? Are we going to achieve zero hunger, and can we ensure the population has access to adequate, sustainable, and nutritious food?

Technology Solutions to Drive Agricultural Development?

What are the latest advancements within vertical farming and Agtech? How are AI and automation supporting agricultural and soil health?

What Should a Circular Economy for Food Look Like?

Can we achieve a regenerative food system based on circularity? How can we connect sustainable cities, food production and consumerism?

Plant-based Meats

Trend, or Disruptive Shift in Consumption Habits? Consumers have driven a huge surge in sales for plant-based meats. As Covid shuts down our food supply chain, are plant-based meats a disrupting shift or simply a trend?

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