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It's not too late but we must start now.

It’s now widely accepted that approximately a third of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the Food and Drink (F&D) industry.

The industry, referring to production, processing, transporting and consumption of food is at breaking point. It is the number one source of methane and biodiversity loss worldwide. As the global population continues to rise, large swathes of biodiversity continue to be lost to water intensive and carbon heavy farming practices.

Global food insecurity is on the rise. Adverse weather patterns are creating droughts, heat waves and heavy rainfall. Rising food commodity prices in 2022 resulted in an additional 30 million people entering food insecurity.

These problems are extensive, but can be fixed. The next few years are vital to ensure the right policy and investment decisions are taken to ensure future generations can have access to plentiful food that doesn’t compromise our planet’s finite resources.

A Vehicle for Systemic Change

The Sustainable Foods World congress was founded to call upon decision makers from government and industry to take action now, providing a platform to advance conversations in an effort to harmonise policy standards, advance good practice and develop the methodologies and framework to accelerate sustainable food systems.

Our events act as a roadmap for the future, mobilising international stakeholders in one place and at one time to affect systemic change as quickly as possible.

Our Mission

Convene the leading international food summit to support companies and governments in their mission to develop and deploy global sustainable food systems.

Highlight the key initiatives, policies, and corporate frameworks that are being developed across the industry to inform best practice and new methodologies across the sector.

Support governments worldwide in the definition and implementation of policies to transform domestic food systems.

Assist the F&D industry in its commitment towards low carbon and Net Zero targets.

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